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Top 10 Best carbon monoxide detector Available In 2019

If you are considering to buy a Best carbon monoxide detector, you should go through the following Best carbon monoxide detector.

We spent 45 hours to find a best option for you is a Kidde KN-COPP-3Carbon Monoxide Detector, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. It is the Best carbon monoxide detector available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big on carbon monoxide detector, then you should absolutely go for Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPMCarbon Monoxide Detector which comes with all the basic features one could expect in carbon monoxide detector.

To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best carbon monoxide detector.

Top 10 Best carbon monoxide detector 2019

Product Name
Nighthawk AC Plug in Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display  KN COPP 3 White Kidde
9. 7
Kidde Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display KN COPP B LPM Kidde
9. 5
First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm  Plug In with Battery Backup CO605 First Alert
9. 1
Kidde 21026043 Battery OperatedNot Hardwired Combination SmokeCarbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning KN COSM BA Kidde
8. 8
First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm  Battery Operated SCO5CN First Alert
8. 6
Nest Protect Smoke Plus Carbon Monoxide Wired 120V S2001LW Nest
8. 2
First Alert BRK PRC700 Battery Operated Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm First Alert
8. 0
Kidde KN COB B LP Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm Battery Operated   21007268 Kidde
7 .7
First Alert CO615FF Frust Free Dual Power Carbon Monoxide Plug in Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display First Alert
7. 4
Combination Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke Detector Battery Operated Travel Portable CO Alarm with LCD Digital Display Lecoolife
7. 2

1. Kidde KN-COPP-3Carbon Monoxide Detector.

  • Display clearly shows levels of CO that the unit has detected and stored-- from 30 to 999 ppm--and it updates every 15 seconds to indicate any abrupt changes or alarming trends.
  • Plug can be snapped into the back of the unit and can be rotated so the alarm remains vertical, independent of whether the electrical socket is mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Plugs directly into a standard A/C outlet and includes a 9-volt battery backup that provides continuous monitoring of CO levels--even during power outages.
  • The display also shows the peak CO level recorded by the alarm since it was last reset or unplugged.
  • Blinking dot in the lower right-hand corner of the display denotes normal operation, so you can trust that it's working.
  • Designed for home use, the Kidde KN-COPP-3 Nighthawk is a UL-listed, A/C-powered, plug-in CO alarm that utilizes sophisticated electronic components and sensor technology to protect you and your family from the dangers of CO.
  • Test alarm function by pressing the test/reset button at any time to verify that the horn and electric circuitry are operating properly.
  • Low-profile design that makes it suitable for any room in your home. The detector can be plugged into any standard A/C outlet.

2. Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPMCarbon Monoxide Detector.

  • the green LED will flash once every 30 seconds to indicate the alarm is operating properly when power is present, and the red LED will pulse to indicate carbon monoxide has been detected until the device is reset or the CO threat is eliminated. 
  • Detect and store concentration CO levels as low as 11 and up to 999 PPM with its peak level memory display.
  • The digital display feature allows for easy viewing of carbon monoxide levels from 30-999 PPM (parts per million).
  • Includes a slide-out battery door that gives immediate access to the batteries and a safety feature that makes it difficult to close the cover without the batteries being installed. 
  • The Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM battery operated CO alarm provides continuous monitoring of CO levels, even during power outages when many CO incidents occur.

3.  First Alert CO605 Carbon Monoxide Detector.

  • The First Alert CO605 Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm features an electrochemical CO sensor to alert you to dangerous carbon monoxide.
  • Features an end-of-life warning that lets you know when it is time to replace the unit.
  • A clear, 85-decibel alarm sounds when levels become hazardous.
  • This personal carbon monoxide detector plugs into any standard electrical socket and monitors your space for elevated carbon monoxide levels.
  • The simple, user friendly design makes this CO detector easy to set up and operate.
  • Features a battery backup that allows for continuous monitoring, even in the event of a power failure.

4. Kidde KN-COSM-BACarbon Monoxide Detector.

  • This technologically advanced combination alarm is battery operated protecting you and your family even during a power outage when many incidences occur.
  • Includes a voice warning system that announces “Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Low Battery and Smart Hush Activation.”
  • The voice alarm eliminates any confusion and clearly warns you and your family of a smoke or carbon monoxide danger, or if your battery is in need of replacement.
  • The Kidde KN-COSM-BA Combination Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm provides two important safety devices in a single unit.
  • Uses ionization sensing technology.

5.  First Alert SCO5CN Carbon Monoxide Detector.

  • A low battery signal alerts you to replace the battery and end-of-life alarm of three chirps alerts you to replace the unit.
  • The First Alert SCO5CN carbon monoxide and smoke alarm uses an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor-the most accurate technology available.
  • Great for sensing slow smoldering fires quickly.
  • The alarm uses photoelectric smoke sensing technology which is environmentally friendlier and which reduces nuisance alarms, making it ideal for cooking areas.
  • The test/silence button both silences a non-threatening alarm or low battery warning and allows you to test the unit's functionality.
  • The permanent sensors last the lifetime of the alarm.

6. Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide Detector.

  • The Nest Protect smoke carbon monoxide CO alarm does much more than just sound a shrill alarm when there is danger in your home.
  • Integrates with your mobile devices and even messages you if the batteries run low avoiding that all-too-familiar midnight low-battery chirp.
  • Speaks to you telling you where the danger is and what the problem is. 
  • Speaks up to tell you if there's smoke or CO and tells you where the problem is so you know what to do.
  • Gives you peace of mind by testing itself constantly and showing you everything is working with a quick green glow when you turn off the lights.

7. First Alert PRC700 Carbon Monoxide Detector.

  • The First Alert PRC700 Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is designed to provide the same trusted functionality with a new, slim profile that blends into your home décor.
  • The battery-operated smoke and CO detector can be installed easily, with no wires or electrician required.
  • The twist-lock mounting system on this detector makes replacing batteries easy.
  • One-touch alarm silencing and test feature, and will continue monitoring during power outages.
  • This smoke and carbon monoxide detector provides comprehensive detection by featuring a sensitive photoelectric smoke sensor and an advanced electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor.

8.  Kidde KN-COB-B-LP Carbon Monoxide Detector.

  • Offering a small, sleek design that's suitable for all living areas, the Nighthawk KN-COB-B-LS provides you and your family with a loud warning signal against the dangers of elevated carbon monoxide levels.
  • Includes multiple mounting options, allowing for installation on a wall or a tabletop.
  • Continuous monitoring of CO levels, even during power outages when AC-only units are not providing protection.
  • A red LED will pulse to indicate that carbon monoxide has been detected.
  • Features two color LEDs for at-a-glance status updates.
  • The green LED flashes once every 30 seconds to indicate the alarm is working properly.
  • When the unit detects carbon monoxide, the alarm sounds four short beeps (rated at 85 decibels at 10 feet), followed by five seconds of silence, and then followed by another set of four short beeps. 

9. First Alert CO615FF Carbon Monoxide Detector.

  • An audible and visual low battery signal alerts you to replace the battery and an indicator alerts you when a battery has been removed.
  • The First Alert CO615 carbon monoxide alarm uses an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor-the most accurate technology available.
  • An end-of-life alarm of three chirps alerts you to replace the unit.
  • The test/silence button both silences a non-threatening alarm or low battery warning and allows you to test the unit's functionality.
  • The alarm includes a battery back-up giving you peace of mind in a power outage. The front-open battery compartment allows easy battery change without dismounting the alarm.
  • The unit monitors and re-alarms if carbon monoxide levels persist sounding a loud 85-decibel horn.
  • Installation is as simple as plugging it in to any wall outlet. Its easy-to-read backlit digital LED display gives you a clear read-out of current CO concentrations in parts per million.

10. Lecoolife CombinationCarbon Monoxide Detector.

  • The advanced electrochemical CO sensor detects carbon monoxide leaks from multiple sources, such as faulty fuel-burning appliances, blocked chimneys, and generators running inside or too close to homes.
  • Unique alarm sounds and indicator lights on the face of the detector distinguish a smoke warning from a carbon monoxide warning.
  • Features a photoelectric sensor that detects the smoke most commonly produced by smoldering fires, providing sensitive detection while minimizing false alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam.
  • This combination smoke/CO carbon alarm features an 85dB horn and voice that announces "Fire", "Carbon Monoxide", and "Low Battery" warnings when detected.